Radiola de Satan – New Site !!!

August 26, 2010 4 comments

Hey my friends!! Our new site is finally online!!! I have sent an invitation to your emails, so please check your spam folders, cause it’s probably there. Hope you enjoy it! Any question, mail me back!

The invitation mail subject may be something like “Satan has invited you to Radiola de Satan“. The email has a link where you’ll create your profile and join. If you can’t find it, let me know!!!

[RdS] v4.0

See you soon!! 😀

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Screaming Kids (Cd 2009)

August 15, 2010 3 comments

Quickly following their successful first Lp released on “Nervous Records” in 1990 “Don’t get down”…

Here is the second one, out in 2009 on Cosmopolite Records. 😉

And you know, it still rocks !!!

Enjoy rock and roll,



Trio strasbourgeois infernal, aux rythmes redoutables,puisĂ©s Ă  la source des fifties et des sixties. SignĂ© par le label anglais “Nervous Records” en 1990 pour un premier album “Don’t get down” (CD + LP), qui se vendra Ă  plus de 20.000 ex. en Angleterre, Allemagne, Etats-Unis, Canada, Japon et naturellement la France (distr: MĂ©dia 7), les SREAMING KIDS participeront Ă©galement Ă  la tournĂ©e “Rock en France” en compagnie des VRP. Le groupe sera “DĂ©couverte du Printemps de Bourges” (antenne Alsace), puis participera Ă  la premiĂšre Ă©dition du festival de Hemsby en Angleterre et jouera en compagnie des Batmobile, Mad Sin, Restless, The Meteors, Frantic Flintstones, Demented Are Go ou les Guana Batz. Les Screaming Kids ont depuis jouĂ©s avec les Stray Cats, Dr.Feelgood, The Jekyls, The Inmates, The Roadrunners, Happy Drivers, Hubert FĂ©lix ThiĂ©faine, Le Cri de la Mouche, La Mano Negra, les Washington Dead Cats, Ricky Amigos, Wigsville Splifs, Surf Rats, Brassens Not Dead, The Jim Jones Revue, Schultz avec sa Clinik…). Plusieurs CD compil’s europĂ©ennes jalonnent le parcours du groupe, dont le “007- Licence to party” de chez Rumble Records. (1991) et le rĂ©cent et trĂšs germanique “The mad struggle continues” 100% psycho Vol.2 sorti dans toutes les Fnac de France en 2006. 2007 : AprĂšs quinze ans de sĂ©paration le trio se reforme Ă  Paris autour du lĂ©gendaire chanteur-guitariste Gilles Haezebrouck, et de son frĂšre Cyril Ă  la contrebasse, accompagnĂ© d’un nouveau et jeune batteur talentueux en la personne de Sarada Riefstahl. Gilles le chanteur-guitariste refait appel Ă  JP Demeusy son premier manager du dĂ©but du groupe (1988), pour a nouveau repartir sur les routes de l’aventure. Nouveau rĂ©pertoire (compos en français, ainsi que quelques reprises U.S millĂ©simĂ©es des 50’s et 60’s). plusieurs dates de concerts et festivals Ă  travers la France pour 2008 et 2009. Leur nouvel album Ă©ponyme 12 titres est sortie en septembre 2009 – (chez Cosmopolite Records / I.L.D. distribution). * L’album sera en vente dans les FNAC de France, ainsi que sur de multiples plate formes de tĂ©lĂ©chargement. * A signaler enfin que les Screaming Kids jouent leur propre rĂŽle de groupe de r’n’roll dans un film long mĂ©trage de Olivier Babinet et de Fred Kihn “Robert Mitchum est mort”, avec : Olivier Gourmet, Pablo Nicomedes, Bakary SangarĂ©, AndrĂ© Wilm, Niels Utsi, Danuta Stenka… Ce film est un road movie de grande qualitĂ©.La sortie du film est prĂ©vu pour mai 2010.

More infos and “where to buy?”:



01.A quatre dans la BM

02.Tes magies

03.Bien avant que le soleil se lĂšve

04.Hasta la vista

05.Le fossoyeur

06.Le bruit des anges

07.Le chien jaune


09.Un ange passe

10.Autour de moi

11.Hasta luego mi amor



Screaming Kids s/t 2009

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Indigo Swing & Johnny Boyd (Discography 4 Lps 1995->2001)

August 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are the three lps of Indigo Swing and the solo album of Johnny Boyd (Singer of I.S).

But right now a little bit of History…

“The retro-swing unit Indigo Swing were formed in San Francisco around the sextet of vocalist Johnny Boyd, guitarist Josh Workman, bassist Vance Ehlers, drummer ‘Big Jim’ Overton, pianist William Beatty and saxophone player Baron Shul. After kick-starting northern California’s new school of swing, the group began touring around America and signed to Time Bomb Recordings in 1997. The group’s debut All Aboard was released in July 1998. They followed with Red Light in 1999.”
~ John Bush, All Music Guide


During the height of their success, Indigo Swing was touring and performing 250-300 days per year, cementing their status as certified “road dogs”. They performed all around the world as headliners and as opener for The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s sold-out U.K. and U.S. tours. In 1997, former Arista Records exec. and manager of pop group No Doubt, Jim Guerinot, signed Indigo Swing to his label, Time Bomb Recordings. After two records on the label and many tours later, front-man and founding member Johnny Boyd decided to take a break and left to pursue other interests. The remaining band members decided to continue on with a new vocalist, Nicole Vigil, and although no more recordings were made, the group toured for another couple of years before disbanding for good in late 2001.

In the years since Indigo Swing called it quits, former members including guitarist Josh Workman, pianist William Beatty and Boyd have gone on to perform and record with their own projects. Sadly, in 2001 the group (and the San Francisco music scene in general) lost a good friend and talented musician in drummer “Big Jim” Overton, who passed away due to heart failure. Upright bassist Vance Ehlers and saxophonist Baron Shul both continue to perform in the Bay Area with various blues and roots-based bands.
Indigo Swing to this day gains new fans from all parts of the globe. Wherever there is a swing event, dance party, or jump-blues being played, Indigo Swing’s familiar sounds are usually there – they continue to be a staple in music collections everywhere.

More infos and “where to buy?”:
Indigo Swing s/t 1995
Indigo Swing all aboard ! 1998
Indigo Swing red light! 1999
Johnny Boyd Last word in 2001

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Barkingdog Presents Nekro’s “I’m Off To Arizona” Compilation

August 7, 2010 2 comments

Since Nekro and family are relocating to Arizona I thought It would be a perfect opportunity to do a special compilation for him.

I have called this one “Nekro’s I’m Off To Arizona” Compilation, which if you burn to disc Nekro, would make a perfect road trip cd for you and get you in the right frame of mind for life in Arizona.

So I present to you the 20 track compilation of leaving, finding employment and future work related perks!!

160k – 320k

107.07 Mb

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Nekroscot’s Going Away Gift

July 31, 2010 2 comments

Well as you may or may not be aware Nekro and family due to circumstances beyond their control have to relocate to Arizona mid August, so as a “going away gift” I am going to reveal his hidden, secret past life as a model, hard to believe I know, but yes that’s right, a model, and I am extremely grateful to the person who is really close to him for providing the photographic evidence, and I should warn you though, that the following photograph might scare those with delicate sensibilities even though he tried to disguise himself with a truly horrible wig which he must have found in a dumpster or somewhere.

So, for all the people out there, especially the ladies, I present to you “Nekro The Model”

Nekro The Model

Well as you can see from the above image, the expanding belly soon put paid to his promising career as a model.

I hope he’s got his sense of humour when he sees this.

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Rockin’ Rebels – Rockin’ Rebels [1979]

July 30, 2010 1 comment
First LP of Rockin’ Rebels the french Rock’n’billy band…
The sound is good as this is a re-release on Cd.


Artist: Rockin’ Rebels
Album: Rockin’ Rebels
Year: 1979
Genre: Rockabilly/Rock and Roll/Jump
Location: Paris, France’+rebels%22

01. Dynamite
02. Train Hits The Tracks
03. My Girl Janis
04. Hot Jive
05. Rebels Special
06. One Hand Loose
07. Last Run From The Law
08. Wild Red Boogie
09. Leopard Skin Jacket
10. Leapin’ Guitar
11. Hound Bush
12. Put Your Cat Clothes On
13. Gonna Rock Tonite

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Don’t Mess With A Big Band [2010]

July 30, 2010 1 comment


The new release of The BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA.
This one has been recorded live during the Japan Tour 2009.


Artist: The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Album: Don’t Mess With A Big Band
Year: 2010
Genre: Swing/Rockabilly
Location: USA/JAPAN


01. Batman
02. Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder)
03. ’49 Mercury Blues
04. Good Rockin’ Daddy
05. Your True Love
06. The Dirty Boogie
07. Sleepwalk
08. Honey Man
09. This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof
10. Summertime Blues


01. Runaway Boys
02. Gina
03. Gene & Eddie
04. Fishnet Stockings
05. Stray Cat Strut
06. Jump Jive An’ Wail
07. Rumble In Brighton
08. Rock This Town
09. The House Is Rockin’